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General Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

These provisions are intended to regulate the use of the online sales services of goods and services offered by ALLEY33 srl of Alessio Cardellini, a commercial company which operates on the internet through its website and offers its Customers produce clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. The relationships between ALLEY33 srl and the Customer established by these contract conditions can never be understood as mandate, representation, collaboration or association relationships or other similar or equivalent contracts.

2. Form and content of the contract

The online transmission of the Proposal to ALLEY33 srl and the payment of the requested fee constitute full acceptance of these general contract conditions, drawn up and prepared in compliance with the provisions contained in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) and in Legislative Decree 31 January 2007 n. 7 (Urgent measures for the protection of consumers, the promotion of competition, the development of economic activities and the birth of new businesses).
For all legal purposes, the User/Customer will be deemed to have accepted the conditions and rules regarding use indicated here by pressing the "Accept" button at the bottom of this document.
ALLEY33 srl reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, these general conditions, applying the new agreements from the date of their publication on its website. In any case, unless expressly agreed, such changes will not have any retroactive effect on contracts previously stipulated with users.
The Customer is prohibited, unless specifically approved in writing by ALLEY33 srl , from inserting additional clauses or apostilles and/or modifying this contract in any way. Any invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more contractual clauses will in no case affect the validity or effectiveness of the other contractual clauses.
For anything not covered in these General Contract Conditions, the Parties expressly refer to the provisions of the law.
Any additional services compared to those constituting the Service may be provided, upon specific request from the Customer, according to methods to be defined from time to time and must be explicitly accepted by ALLEY33 srl .

3. Definitions

3.1 The terms contained in these general conditions do not deprive the buyer, if he is a consumer, of the rights attributed to him by the current and applicable laws, including the rights and actions referred to in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206. 3.1 ALLEY33 srl is a limited liability company. The company carries out its online sales activity using its website (Portal) which can be reached at: and via the Alley33 App and declares that it wishes to be contacted at the following email address info@alley33. it
3.2 Customer The person indicated in the order, with whom the contract is concluded in accordance with the provisions of these general contract conditions. The User who registers proposed by ALLEY33 srl on its website in order to reach certain areas of the website with regulated access is also considered a Customer. In compliance with the provisions of article 3 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, the Customer will be defined as: consumer, commercial, artisanal or professional, or his intermediary;
3.3 User The expression includes any internet user who freely accesses the web address either directly or from any other website, without proceeding with the registration proposed by ALLEY33 srl . In compliance with the provisions of article 3 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, the User will be defined: a. consumer: the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity carried out; b. professional: the natural or legal person who acts in the exercise of his entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity, or his intermediary;
3.4 Registration Operation by which the User provides personal information to ALLEY33 srl by entering it in a specific section of the website in order to reach areas of the website with restricted access as well as in order to proceed with the purchase of the Service;
3.5 General Conditions The clauses contained in this document, which constitute an integral and substantial part of the contract between the Customer/User and ALLEY33 srl on the occasion of the purchase of the Service offered through the website
3.6 Contract The contract concluded according to the methods referred to in the following article 5 and composed of these General Contract Conditions and the Proposal;
3.7 Proposal Request for goods or services which, duly completed in its entirety, the Customer submits to ALLEY33 srl in accordance with the provisions of article 5.2 below;
3.8 Order Confirmation Communication sent by ALLEY33 srl to the Customer as confirmation of the acceptance of the Purchase Proposal, within the deadline referred to in article 5.2 of these General Contract Conditions;
3.9 Online sales service through the website of clothing, footwear and accessories products for men and women as well as provision of complementary, collateral and accessory services such as, by way of example, the registration of the Customer, cataloging of products, identification of the technical and commercial characteristics of the products themselves, commercial assistance;

4. Object of the contract

4.1 Object These General Conditions regulate the sale of products and the provision of services offered by ALLEY33 srl through its website, the rights and obligations arising from the contract concluded with the Customer/User as well as the forms of marketing and advertising sent to the Customer /User.
4.2 Access to the Service It is up to ALLEY33 srl to maintain, modify or suspend, without notice, its website, which can be reached at the address The User who reaches, directly or indirectly, the web address www.alley33. it has the right to free and free access to the public information contained therein, although ALLEY33 srl reserves the right to limit access to certain information, promotions and special offers to the customer only. Any User who accesses the website has the right to register as a Customer, without any obligation to purchase, for the sole purpose of accessing the regulated access areas thereof and benefiting from special offers intended for this type of customer. The User undertakes, granting the broadest indemnity to ALLEY33 srl , to use the website and any service, data, information, etc. wherever available on the Portal, exclusively for lawful purposes and in compliance with all conditions of use wherever specified on the website, any liability arising from any illicit use and/or violation of any applicable legislation remaining entirely your responsibility.
4.3 User Registration The User, before proceeding with the purchase of the Service offered by ALLEY33 srl, must register, providing his/her personal data as well as any useful or necessary information for the correct conclusion of the purchase contract (for example: name and surname or company name, tax code/VAT number, shipping address, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number). ALLEY33 srl offers the Customer an efficient and secure system for collecting and recording his personal data through personalized access credentials (combination of username and password) to facilitate the Customer in future purchase operations. The Customer may indicate the desired credentials as desired, provided that they are available and have therefore not been assigned to another Customer. Access credentials with immoral, offensive, vexatious, discriminatory content or which in any case are in conflict with current legislation will not be accepted, nor those which allude to brands, products or names protected by laws on industrial and intellectual property rights or in conflict with the right to privacy. The Customer undertakes to protect and adequately guarantee the confidentiality of their access credentials. ALLEY33 srl will in no case be held responsible for any damages resulting to the Customer from theft, loss or theft, improper or fraudulent use of access credentials, even by third parties, where they are a direct or indirect consequence of the Customer's behavior. Except as provided by the legislation on the processing of personal data and rights recognized to the interested party, the Customer has the right to access electronically, on a permanent, easy, direct and free basis, the open sections as well as the regulated access sections of the site website of as well as knowing the processing status of your order at any time.
4.4 Conditions of use of the website and App The User/Customer undertakes to faithfully use the purchasing service made available by ALLEY33 srl on its website, refraining from manipulating its contents or interfering in computer systems through computer viruses or other prohibited behaviors From law. The User/Customer undertakes in any case not to use the Services or the General Services or any other service or functionality of the Portal for: a. upload, publish, privately post or otherwise transmit or disseminate content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory and/or libelous, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, racist, classist or otherwise objectionable; b. cause harm, in any way, to anyone; falsify your identity by presenting yourself, for example, as a representative of ALLEY33 srl , or otherwise lie about your relationship with other parties; d. create headers or otherwise manipulate distinctive signs or indications in order to counterfeit the origin of Content transmitted or disseminated through the Services, the General Services or any other type of functionality available on the website; And. upload, publish, send privately or otherwise transmit or disseminate Content that you do not have the right to transmit or disseminate pursuant to a provision of law, contract or due to a fiduciary relationship (for example confidential information, confidential information learned by virtue of an employment relationship or protected by a confidentiality agreement); f. upload, publish, send privately or otherwise transmit or disseminate Content that involves the violation of patents, trademarks, secrets, copyrights or other industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties (“Rights”); g. upload, post, privately post or otherwise transmit or disseminate unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation; h. upload, post, privately post or otherwise transmit or disseminate any material that contains viruses or other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of any third party's software, hardware or telecommunications equipment; the. interrupt the normal flow of dialogues, cause the video to scroll at a speed at which other users of the Services are unable to type or, in any case, act in such a way as to affect the ability of other users to carry out exchanges in real time; j. interfere with or disrupt the Services and/or servers connected to the Services; k. violate, whether intentionally or unintentionally, any applicable law or regulation; L. stalk or otherwise harass third parties; collect or store personal data of other users. In any case, it is expressly understood that ALLEY33 srl , at the request of the competent authorities and in the face of the proven illegality and/or offensiveness of certain contents independently inserted into the website by third parties through the aforementioned Services, General Services, or any other available functionality on the website, will act immediately to promptly remove such contents, always compatible with the technical times required for this operation. The User/Customer is prohibited from using the information published by ALLEY33 srl on its website outside of the contractual relationship arising following the acceptance of these General Contract Conditions. Furthermore, the User/Customer undertakes not to reproduce, sell or otherwise dispose of the information published by ALLEY33 srl on its website, in all its contents, without express authorization. ALLEY33 srl is permitted to refuse access to the software tools and its website to the Customer who does not comply with the conditions of use of the service.
4.5 Limitation of liability Within the limits of what is permitted by current applicable legislation, the User/Customer acknowledges that use of the Portal is at their own exclusive risk. The website accessible at is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. ALLEY33 srl does not offer any specific guarantee regarding the results that are expected, hoped for or obtained from the use of the Portal. Within the limits set by article 1229 of the Civil Code, the User/Customer declares and guarantees to indemnify and hold harmless ALLEY33 srl or its representatives, employees, collaborators, consortium members as well as its partners, from any compensation obligation, including expenses legal, which may arise at your expense in relation to the use of the website. If the applicable legislation does not allow an exemption from liability, the liability of ALLEY33 srl must in any case be limited to the extent permitted by law. ALLEY33 srl declines all responsibility for any claims made by users relating to the inability to use the website/App and/or Services for any reason. ALLEY33 srl cannot be considered in default of its obligations nor responsible for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, arising to the User/Customer due to the failure and/or defective functioning of the electronic equipment of the users themselves or of third parties, including the Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or telematic connections not managed directly by ALLEY33 srl or by people to whom it is responsible, as well as by actions of other users or other people with access to the network. ALLEY33 srl reserves the right to disconnect, temporarily or permanently, its services (or any part thereof) at any time. The User/Customer acknowledges that ALLEY33 srl cannot in any way be held responsible towards users or third parties for the suspension or interruption of its Services. The information (textual or graphic) relating to the goods and/or services possibly offered on the website but which come directly from suppliers of ALLEY33 srl , will not entail any responsibility for the same, the individual suppliers assuming sole responsibility for the indications, specifications and descriptions reported therein. Consequently, ALLEY33 srl assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies, graphic errors or explicit or implicit guarantees on the information, contents and software, merchantability and suitability for specific purposes of the data, goods and services communicated or offered by suppliers on the website accessible at, specifying however that, upon request and within the limits of the law, it will provide the names, addresses and any other data necessary to identify the supplier and/or producer of the goods and services possibly offered. The information relating to products and services offered for sale on the website accessible at the address has the mere purpose of reporting the main characteristics of the products and services themselves, without this constituting non-compliance with the information obligations imposed by the articles 6 and following of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (so-called Consumer Code).
4.6 Links to or from other resources on the Internet (linking) The website accessible at may offer links (hereinafter "links") to other websites or other resources on the Internet. The User/Customer acknowledges and recognizes that ALLEY33 srl cannot be held responsible in any way for the functioning of such sites or external resources. Hypertext links and links of any other nature or based on any technology to the website cannot be created without the prior written consent of ALLEY33 srl . In any case, the creation of such links, even where authorized, will not give rise to any liability for ALLEY33 srl , it being understood that the same reserves the right to request the removal of such links at any time. ALLEY33 srl is not required to control, and actually does not control, the content of such sites and assumes no responsibility for the content and/or material, including advertising, disclosed on such sites or external resources or for the products or services offered therein . Such products or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, connected or supported by ALLEY33 srl , and therefore the User/Customer assumes all responsibility for the use and any purchases made of such services or products.

5. Conclusion of the Contract

5.1 Invitation to negotiate The information contained in advertising materials, brochures, other promotional materials, on the website or, in any case, provided to the Customer by agents or employees, constitutes an invitation to negotiation addressed by ALLEY33 srl . None of this information can ever be considered an offer to sell or supply products or services. ALLEY33 srl has the sole right to insert and modify the price of the products included on its website.
5.2 Proposal To make a Proposal you must be of age and be reachable by telephone. It is possible to make a purchase proposal to ALLEY33 srl by filling out the appropriate form according to the options menu available on the website, after registering and creating your personal account and pressing the "Complete" button. 'order". By signing the Proposal, the Customer becomes responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided and recognizes the right of ALLEY33 srl to obtain any references and information about him, necessary for the correct provision of the Service, observing the rules regarding the processing of personal data contained in Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196. Proposals made using methods other than those indicated above will not be accepted. When submitting a Proposal, ALLEY33 srl will electronically store all the personal information contained therein, assigning a progressive Order Number. The Customer Proposal constitutes an irrevocable proposal to purchase the Service or Product chosen on the basis of these General Contract Conditions, pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 1329 of the Civil Code, for a period of five working days from its sending. ALLEY33 srl will be free to accept or reject said Proposal.
5.3 Acceptance Once the deadline referred to in the previous point 5.2 has elapsed. without ALLEY33 srl having accepted the Proposal, the Customer will be free from any commitment towards ALLEY33 srl and may refuse to provide the Service or send the Product. If the Proposal is accepted, the Customer will receive an Order Confirmation via e-mail. The Order Confirmation will be effective upon sending to the address communicated by the Customer. Although ALLEY33 srl undertakes to do everything possible to supply the products advertised on the website or indicated in the Order Confirmation, its commitment to sell and distribute the goods offered is subject to the stock of the product and its availability until at the end of stocks, so it could accidentally and exceptionally happen that we are not able to supply these products because, for example, they are currently out of stock, multiple orders have been placed online which lead to the end of stocks, or it could it may happen that the order is not valid due to a material error in the price indication on the website In the event that one of the above-mentioned hypotheses occurs, ALLEY33 srl will promptly contact the Customer to inform him and offer him alternatively purchasable products of equivalent or superior value and quality. If the Customer deems that he does not like alternative products, ALLEY33 srl will consider the contract terminated with reference to the products that cannot be supplied, returning to the Customer the amount already paid for this purpose. In any case in which ALLEY33 srl is not able to deliver to the Customer the products or services requested by the same, the liability will not go beyond the refund to the Customer of the amounts already paid, without there being, in favor of any of the parties, no compensation for non-performance, resulting damage or loss of profit. ALLEY33 srl has the right to refuse the Customer's Proposal due to lack of stock or in the event that the Customer does not provide advance payment, if applicable.
5.4 Unilateral modifications to products ALLEY33 srl reserves the right to modify the information, present on its website and app, relating to services and products offered to the Customer, such as technical characteristics, description, manufacturer's brand, indicative photograph (if applicable ). The purchased product may undergo, based on the manufacturer's availability, non-substantial changes in the components, characteristics or performances of the batch that integrates it, provided that they do not lead to a decrease in the advertised qualities and performances.

6. Consideration and payment

6.1 Determination of the price The information on the final price or retail price of the product or service includes the final cost for the Customer, including VAT, shipping costs and any insurance of the products against damage resulting from transport if requested by the customer . The final cost, therefore, will be communicated to the Customer in the online purchase process before he formalizes his acceptance by choosing the "order acceptance" option from the options menu. Any discounts or promotional gifts are sent freely by ALLEY33 srl to the groups designated by it at any time or depending on the product offered, as per advertising existing at any time on its website.
6.2 Unilateral price changes ALLEY33 srl reserves, unilaterally and at any time, the right to change the price of the products and services indicated on its website. In order to guarantee the Customer the certainty and security of the price of the products purchased, the amount charged will be that indicated on the website at the time of formalizing the order, as indicated in the Order Confirmation.
6.3 Payment methods Payment of the sums due following the conclusion of the Contract can only take place using one of the methods indicated in the Order Confirmation. It is understood that the choice of payment method by the Customer may lead to an extension of the time for delivery of the products, which will only take place following completion of the payment itself.
6.4 Reservation of domain Pursuant to and for the purposes of article 1523 of the Civil Code, ALLEY33 srl reserves the domain and will retain full ownership of the Product sold until its full payment by the Customer, including possible errors by the seller or of the courier arranged for delivery.
6.5 Invoicing ALLEY33 srl will issue a specific tax invoice or receipt for each order, addressed to the natural or legal person who placed the order, which will be retained in the store in order to be used for a possible return and therefore the cancellation of the same . The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided to ALLEY33 srl for billing purposes. ALLEY33 srl warns that, once issued, it will not be able to subsequently modify the sales invoices in compliance with current legislation.

7. Terms and methods of delivery of products

7.1 ALLEY33 srl will make every reasonable effort to provide the Customer with the requested Products as quickly as possible; in any case, delivery times will be varied in consideration of a series of circumstances, including the payment method and the place of delivery (usually the times are 24/48 hours). Any deadline for the availability and delivery of the products communicated in any way by ALLEY33 srl must be considered approximate, non-essential and in any case in its favor and such as not to lead to its being in default. Title and risk of loss relating to the products purchased will transfer to the Customer at the time of their delivery.
7.2 Availability of products and supply The availability terms indicated on the website are calculated with reference to orders processed on the same day of receipt of the Proposal by the Customer. These terms may be subject to change as a result of payment by bank transfer, given that the order is considered processed only after the completion of the banking transaction. In this case, ALLEY33 srl will promptly inform the Customer regarding the availability and supply times of the products. In the case of cumulative orders, even formulated at the same time, ALLEY33 srl is allowed to provide delivery on lost days.
7.3 Delivery by carrier ALLEY33 srl provides the delivery of the products requested by its Customer by entrusting it to primary companies that offer guarantees of efficiency and quality of service. The Carrier will then deliver the goods together with a document containing the information necessary to identify the Customer (the Customer is required with an identity document to confirm his ownership of the order or any delegation), the order number , the amount to be paid on delivery (only for orders with cash on delivery payment methods) and the number of packages that make up the shipment. Once the ordered products have been delivered to the carrier, ALLEY33 srl will send the Customer a shipping confirmation via e-mail (if in possession of the relevant address). In any case, the transport document will constitute proof of delivery to the carrier. Large packages will be delivered to street level. For any requests for delivery of the products directly to the floor, the Customer must make a specific request to ALLEY33 srl , which will provide a specific cost estimate for the porterage service. The times of provision of the transport service as well as any particular methods must be agreed directly between the Customer and the appointed Carrier. In the event that the Customer does not respect the agreed appointment or does not have the necessary infrastructures, despite having certified at the time of making the appointment that they are available, no further obligation to supply the products will remain with ALLEY33 srl. .
7.4 Place of delivery The goods purchased by the Customer will be delivered to the address indicated in the Proposal. Subsequent changes to the place of delivery (compared to the one originally indicated), where requested by the Customer and accepted by ALLEY33 srl , may generate additional costs compared to the sales price which will be borne by the same subject to exact and timely quantification by ALLEY33 srl . In any case, any changes to the place of delivery must take place within the day before the day indicated for delivery by sending an e-mail to
7.5 Delay in delivery In the event of a delay in delivery exceeding 30 working days compared to the approximate time of receipt of the product indicated on the website and reported in the Order Confirmation, provided that this delay is attributable to ALLEY33 srl , the Customer, through written complaint (letter, fax or e-mail) may unilaterally withdraw from the order, receiving a refund of the amount already paid in the event of advance payment. It is up to ALLEY33 srl to promptly contact the Customer to propose alternatively purchasable products of equivalent or superior value and quality. If the Customer deems that he does not like alternative products, ALLEY33 srl will consider the contract terminated with reference to the products that cannot be supplied, returning to the Customer the amount already paid for this purpose. Goods that are not delivered to the Customer within 10 working days following delivery to the carrier will be returned to ALLEY33 srl and the Customer will be refunded any amount already paid in advance.
7.6 Delivery guarantees ALLEY33 srl , in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, guarantees that all orders processed will always be covered by insurance against transport risks, loss and manipulation. In any case, it is the Customer's responsibility to verify that the products ordered are delivered to him in perfect condition. If the Customer, at the time of delivery, finds errors in sending products or that the package received is visibly damaged, he has the burden of indicating these circumstances in the courier's delivery document with wording such as "Inspection reserve" or otherwise, detailing what was found as analytically as possible. Under penalty of forfeiture, within the following 24 hours, the Customer will notify ALLEY33 srl of the incident, via e-mail to or at the company's registered office. If the Customer receives his order without highlighting obvious anomalies, ALLEY33 srl cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the transport of the products.

8. Change of size

If the size chosen is not perfect, it is possible to request a size change for one or more items by sending an email to or via WhatsApp on 0761514271 no later than 14 days from receiving the product. ALLEY33 srl will provide all instructions for returning the product. The return of products is completely free. In the case of an exchange of goods, it will be free if by changing the product, it will not be returned again. If after an exchange of goods the changed product is permanently returned, this last shipment will cost €8. It is necessary that the returned products are in "like new" condition, therefore complete with all packaging and accessories. The return rules follow the conditions indicated in the section on the right of withdrawal referred to in the following art. 9). In any case, it is possible to benefit from the size change only once for each purchase. If the size for the exchange is not available, ALLEY33 srl will grant the choice of a different model, maintaining the size indicated on the exchange request form.

9. Right of withdrawal

9.1 In compliance with the provisions of articles 64 and following of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (and subsequent amendments and additions), the Customer (consumer), if not satisfied with the products or the content of the services purchased from ALLEY33 srl , may return the products themselves or renounce the right to provide the services and obtain a refund of the price already paid upon advance payment within 14 days of the order delivery date. During the 50% sales period, the return is free for the Customer, while for periods of extra promotion, such as in the 70% sales, the cost for the return is €8. 1. Method of operation To this end, the Customer must contact ALLEY33 srl within 14 days following delivery of the products with a written communication via WhatsApp 0761514271, via chat within the app or by email to the address info, containing all the necessary and useful information for correct processing of the return and refund procedure. This communication must necessarily contain everything indicated below: a. the express wish of the Customer to withdraw in whole or in part from the purchase contract; b. the number and copy of the document (invoice - transport document) proving the purchase of the order for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal; c. the description and codes of the Products for which the right of withdrawal is exercised; d. the credit will be made by bank transfer, for original payments by bank transfer, slip, cash on delivery, or by direct credit to a credit card, for original payments by credit card, the same applies to payments with Paypal which will be refunded to the same account paypal. Following receipt of the communication with which the Customer communicates his desire to exercise the right of withdrawal, ALLEY33 srl , having verified the correspondence with the above requirements, will communicate by e-mail to the Customer the methods with which to carry out the return of the products by sending the consignment note to be affixed to the package. The return of the products to ALLEY33 srl must take place within 14 days following delivery of the same. From receipt of the products to their return, the Customer is required to conserve and safeguard the products received and for which he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal with the utmost care and diligence, keeping them intact together with the original internal and external packaging as well as all accessories supplied with each product. All expenses and risks resulting from transport operations for the return of the products are borne entirely by ALLEY33 srl , without prejudice to the latter's right to insure the shipment, bearing the related costs.
9.2 Effects of withdrawal If the right of withdrawal is correctly exercised, the Customer is entitled to a refund of any amount already paid by way of advance payment, while the Customer remains responsible for the costs of returning the product to ALLEY33 srl and the damages suffered by the returned product. The costs of returning the products, if supported by ALLEY33 srl, will be deducted from the price of the product when the money is returned. If the customer will not be present at the time of the return and it will be necessary to make a new collection, the costs incurred for subsequent collections unless notified promptly by the customer will be deducted from the refund. The incorrect exercise of the right of withdrawal, according to the regulatory and contractual provisions, entitles ALLEY33 srl to return the products returned by the Customer to the sender, with an increase in transport costs. 1. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal However, the right to return the product and the right to request reimbursement of the sums paid, if the Customer has started to use it, remains excluded. The return of the products and the reimbursement of the fee are always subject to the integrity of the products purchased. ALLEY33 srl will not accept returns of products handled by the Customer, or of goods that are returned incomplete of their main elements and accessories. It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal beyond the established deadline or for goods or orders which due to their special characteristics can be considered tailor-made for the Customer.

10. Communications

All communications to the Customer relating to this contractual relationship may be made by ALLEY33 srl via WhatsApp or via e-mail to the addresses communicated by the Customer and, consequently, the same will be considered known by them. Any changes in the Customer's addresses not communicated to ALLEY33 srl will not be enforceable against it. 1.Product guarantee 1.Safety and defective products ALLEY33 srl implements a control policy aimed at verifying that the products sold through its website which can be reached at are intact, not defective and not dangerous , in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code), articles 103 et seq. In the event of liability for damage from a defective product, ALLEY33 srl will promptly and, in any case, within three months of the request, communicate to the Customer the name, domicile and any information useful or necessary for the exact identification of the manufacturer or who supplied you with the product.

11. Guarantee of conformity

11.1 The guarantee of conformity of the products sold by ALLEY33 srl in favor of the consumer customer is provided by virtue of the rules contained in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) on guarantees in the sale of consumer goods. ALLEY33 srl provides the official European guarantee for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Beyond six months but in any case within 24 months of purchase, the consumer is entitled to the warranty provided he can demonstrate that the defect was present at the time of purchase. The consumer loses the right to assert the aforementioned guarantee if he does not report the lack of conformity within 2 months of its discovery. The warranty is valid for the following defects:
●the product does not correspond to the agreement;
●the product does not have the essential characteristics;
●the product does not correspond to the usual use and quality;
ALLEY33 srl will not be responsible for any damage that may arise from misuse or wear. The warranty does not apply in the event of factors unrelated to the normal use of the product, such as burns, stains or incorrect use by the Customer or third parties not authorized by the manufacturer. The guarantee is also excluded for defects that were already known to the Customer at the time of purchase.
11.2 Methods It is up to the Customer, before returning a non-compliant item, to contact ALLEY33 srl , also via e-mail, in order to find out the terms and methods of operation of the guarantee, both legal and conventional. ALLEY33 srl undertakes to inform the Customer of the place and methods of shipping the product. In the case of bulky products, ALLEY33 srl will collect them via its own courier. In any case, the serial number of the product deemed non-compliant must correspond to that present in the commercial archives of ALLEY33 srl . Once the Product has been received, ALLEY33 srl will carry out the relevant inspection, also making use of the Manufacturer's structures and, if the lack of conformity is found, it will send the repaired or replacement product to the Customer. If, following the inspection, the product is not found to be affected by a lack of conformity, ALLEY33 srl will inform the Customer about the costs necessary for its repair or replacement. The Customer will be charged for the costs relating to the transport of products that do not present defects of conformity. The internal complaints procedure can take a few days. In the event of a lack of conformity being reported, ALLEY33 srl will promptly contact the Customer to inform him and possibly propose the replacement of the defective product with alternative products of equivalent or superior value and quality.

12. Force majeure

ALLEY33 srl aims to make every reasonable effort to perform all obligations assumed on the basis of this Contract. ALLEY33 srl will however be exonerated from any liability in the event of delays or failures caused by circumstances beyond its control. Except as provided in the preceding provisions, in the event of delay, ALLEY33 srl will perform the obligations undertaken as soon as reasonably possible.

13. Export Control

This Contract is governed by Italian law ALLEY33 srl will attempt to resolve any dispute with the Customer quickly and efficiently. If the Customer is not satisfied with these attempts and wishes to appeal to the Judicial Authority, any dispute will be subject exclusively to Italian jurisdiction. For any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and resolution of these General Conditions of Contract, the Court of Viterbo will be exclusively competent, except in the case in which the Customer has acted and concluded this contract as a Consumer for purposes unrelated to entrepreneurial activity or professional performance. In this case, the Court of the place where the Customer has his residence or domicile will be exclusively competent, if located in the territory of the Italian State. In the event that ALLEY33 srl does not assert any of the rights to which it is entitled under this Contract, this will not constitute a waiver of the rights themselves. This failure to exercise will in no way lead to the waiver of asserting the aforementioned rights at a later time. VAT PAYMENTS The prices of the products are indicated INCLUDING VAT when viewing the products, while it will be separated and displayed separately in the cart. At the end of the order, on the summary page, after you have entered the shipping data, the amount of VAT is calculated and added for the cases required by law. PAYMENT METHODS The site accepts payments by credit card, PayPal, Postepay, cash on delivery, bank transfer and prepaid card. If you use the latter, remember not to throw it away after purchase, because it could be used for a possible refund in the event of a return.
●Payment by credit card: Select Credit Card as a payment method to make your payments with all Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards. Secure transactions: every purchase takes place in maximum security thanks to the use of the most advanced technological and coding systems (SSL) stripe with two-factor validation. You can also count on the VeriSign certificate
●Payment with PayPal: You can decide to select PayPal as the payment type at the end of your purchase (you will be charged PayPal commissions). By clicking on "make payment", after confirming your order details, the login page will open of PayPal to access your account and complete the payment. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, you can create one from the PayPal login page before completing the order. ●Cash on delivery: You can also select “Cash on delivery” when making the payment. Cash on delivery has an additional cost of 8 EURO. The payment method for cash on delivery is exclusively cash upon delivery of the order. Please have the exact amount corresponding to your order. The courier does not accept checks and cannot give change. Important: Remember that for a possible refund you must have a bank or postal account.
●Bank transfer: By selecting Bank Transfer at the time of payment, the goods selected by you will be reserved for a maximum of 24 hours awaiting your payment confirmation via our email at the end of this time. The order placed by you will be considered cancelled. The goods will actually be sent to you upon receipt of payment. ORDER STATUS: At any time you wish to know the status of your order, you can send an email to specifying the Order Number (ON) that we communicated to you at the time of your purchase. SHIPPING: The goods will be sent to you within 24 working hours following actual payment to the address specified at the time of registration. If you wish to receive the package at another address you will have to specify it in the appropriate RETURN field. If you are not satisfied with the goods received due to the color, size or because they are defective, you can decide to return them within 14 days of actually receiving the package by sending the return request in the “My Profile” > “Orders” > “Make a return” section, specifying whether it is a return or replacement. Following this notification we will send you an email containing the Return Authorization Number (RAN). THE RETURN IS MADE BY COURIER SENT BY US using the consignment note which will be sent by email.
●Method: The return is free; even in the return method for size change or defective goods, shipping will be FREE (we will send the courier to the address you communicated). Regarding defective goods, Alley33 reserves the right to request a photo of the defect (each item is carefully inspected by our department before being packaged and shipped). There is only one free exchange of goods for each authorized return, the second exchange of goods or return will cost 10 euros.
●Requirements: The return of the garments must arrive at the Alley33 headquarters within 14 days of written authorization to the Customer by the Returns department and the integrity of the security seal, label and any box must be respected. If the seal is removed and/or the label removed, Alley33 reserves the right not to accept the return. REFUND: Following receipt of the return, an employee will inspect the package; it must in fact comply with all return requirements. You will then receive an email confirming receipt of the package within the expected deadline. Upon acceptance of the return we will request our bank to make the corresponding refund to the credit or debit card used for the order. The refund may take up to 10 days to actually complete. From now on, the time it takes for the amount to appear in your account will depend on the institution that issued your card.
●Credit back to the user account: This credit method will be instantaneous as soon as we receive the goods and will allow you to reuse the credit for future purchases on the site and in the app.
●Credit Card: Our Bank will process the refund within 7 working days from when you receive our confirmation email. The time it takes to view the refund depends on the institution that issued the card. You can check your refund on your account online or by contacting your credit card company.
●PayPal: As soon as the goods are inspected and found to comply with the return characteristics, the refund will be made, which will be visible within 24 hours from when you receive our confirmation email.
●Cash on delivery: The refund can be made exclusively by bank transfer; therefore if you purchased with cash on delivery, you will have to tell us your IBAN on which the transaction will be carried out. After a maximum of 5 working days the refund will be viewable in your bank account. BILLING: For each sale made Alley33 will issue a receipt or sales invoice; the latter will be issued in cases where tax legislation requires it or if you request it by selecting the appropriate field during the purchase. It will be sent to you upon receipt of the goods to the e-mail address specified in the registration. If you do not request the sales invoice, Alley33 will issue a receipt which will be sent to you together with the goods.