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Returns and Refunds

Is it possible to return?

It is permitted to return purchased products within 14 days from the delivery date of the package. During the 50% sale period, returns are free, while for periods of extra promotion , such as in the 70% sales, the cost for the return is €8.

If you make a partial return of an order with multiple products, the return will be free. But if you decide to return other products from the same order at a later time, the return will be subject to a fee of €10.

The refund will take place once the conditions of the returned product have been verified. If they are intact and in perfect compliance, the customer will receive credit directly to the account.

If the product has a tag applied and this is removed, the product cannot be returned.

Return procedure

The return of an order, both for individual items and for the overall order, is permitted within 14 days of delivery of the package.

To make the return it is necessary to contact the Alley33 store which will initiate the return procedure.

The customer will receive an email with the waybill to be applied to the package and will have to go with the package to the nearest post office.

It would be advisable to use the same packaging in which the package was sent, if this is not possible, to use an equally protective one.

Remember to always take a photo of the label you attach to your return or write down the tracking code and keep it until the refund has been received.

Once the return has been received in the store and its integrity has been assessed, the Alley33 store will initiate the refund procedure depending on the type of payment made (see below).

Credit card refunds

If you paid by credit card, the refund will be made to the same card or to the associated current account

Refunds to PayPal account

If you paid with PayPal you will receive the amount relating to the returned items on the same account entered during the purchase.

Have you made an advance payment by bank transfer?

If you have chosen this payment method, the refund will be made to the same current account.

Have you made a payment on delivery?

The time in this case depends on the courier crediting Alley33's account, usually 20 to 30 days. Once Alley33 obtains credit for the order placed by the customer, it will be able to credit the customer to the current account indicated by email.