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Article: Aniye By: story of a brand with a rock soul

Aniye By: storia di un brand dall’animo rock

Aniye By: story of a brand with a rock soul

It's called Aniye By and it's a brand that has been popular among girls since its inception in 2000. The idea comes from Alessandra Marchi , a designer who describes her line as "revintage": a term to indicate retro clothes reworked in a contemporary key.

The Aniye By collections are born from the CEO's passion and her travels around the world. The tailoring work is managed by a team whose objective is to designate an elegant and sporty woman at the same time. They are strictly Made in Italy garments that have come a long way since the first store opened in Riccione in 2012. It is a brand with a rock soul that imposes itself on the scene with vehemence, but which connotes with elegance and romanticism, at the same time, the # women's look . A miscellany of personalities, therefore, that dresses women and allows them to be different.

The company, born in Carpi, has won the positive opinion of influencers over the years, including obviously #ChiaraFerragni . Simple for a young maison and which represents a unique example of its kind among floral prints, vintage fabrics, eccentric models. And according to the latest social posts, #Maneskin also seem to appreciate it.

Aniye By: the collection for the little ones is coming

Among the latest innovations, the line dedicated to very young girls and distributed by Manifatture Daddato: a historic company in high-end clothing for boys and girls. The launch collection will be SS 2022 and includes 100 items already on sale in some Italian showrooms and with foreign buyers . The clothes follow the adult line, a mix of aggressive and elegant fabrics and enjoy contemplating fun prints and bright colours. For Alessandra Marchi, the line <<represents a natural process for the growth of the brand, a small dream that I had kept locked in a drawer for some time, encouraged more and more often by the many requests from customers, eager to dress the brand's little groupies with clothes with a unique style".

Aniye By: what to buy on Alley33

On our site, there are 2 items left at discounts:

Short #dress with slip and V-neck and applied feathers. It is simply magnificent and suitable for a bon ton and confident girl. With discounts, you can purchase it for just 104 euros and enchant everyone during an event or even an elegant dinner. A riot of feathers and lace perfect with a heel or a flat sandal.

We know well that the designer in question adds feathers everywhere, as in the case of this white crew-neck #t-shirt with the glittery logo. A garment suitable for an informal day: travelling, for a trip out of town, for a lunch with friends. Try it on a denim mini skirt.

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