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Article: Summer 2023: how to be chic on the beach

Estate 2023: come essere chic in spiaggia

Summer 2023: how to be chic on the beach

#summer has finally arrived also for us at Alley33 who are finally going on holiday after an intense season dedicated to #sales. We'll meet you on our blog in 1 month with the new trends for autumn / winter and the best designer items always discounted at 50%. But first we leave you with some style advice to enjoy the summer #beach best with friends and family.

For her: hands and feet rigorously impeccable and sun cream in the bag to protect the face and lips. Then protect your hair with a nice #hat Panama style or the classic wide-brimmed straw one. If you have long hair it is better to tie it with a cute clip. Touch of style with the braid. For the bag, have fun with striped or patterned ones for a nautical allure. You didn't forget some glasses with a modern frame dedicated to the face and feet a pair of refined sandals. Avoid slippers with heels. As for the beach dress, it is ankle-length for very tall women, while for others above the knees it will be more than fine.

For him: go ahead for a bag in which to put a beach towel, sunglasses and also protection for you. Don't let it occur to you to leave the house with only the tablecloth under your armpit. Ok to a book, obviously if you intend to read it. The same advice applies to women. To be avoided total black , better #flip flops , hats and boat shoes matching the colors of the sea and sand. Banned are tank tops, swimsuits that aren't suited to your body type and tennis shoes with terry socks attached.

Well, Relax and enjoy to the fullest a season that lasts as long as the blink of an eye. It is true that if one is happy, it makes no difference whether it is summer or winter, but we certainly owe an extra dose of good humor to this season.

Happy August everyone!

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