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Article: Gucci Diana is the new bag from the Florentine fashion house to pay homage to the people's princess

Gucci Diana è la nuova borsa della maison fiorentina per omaggiare la principessa del popolo

Gucci Diana is the new bag from the Florentine fashion house to pay homage to the people's princess

The new “Gucci Diana” is a tribute to Lady Diana's style. And celebrities are already competing to get it.

 She was born in the summer and left in the same season. A short, but intense ray of light that warms and cheers for a moment despite the clouds lurking there (in this case the monarchy which certainly didn't make an effort to love it). The Crown, whatever anyone says, has shown us something about it without making concessions to the blue bloods across the Channel. #LadyDiana would have turned 60 on July 1st and to celebrate her, in addition to the statue wanted by her children and which dominates Kensington Palace , the Tuscan fashion house thought of it with the "Gucci Diana" model, the immortal bag with handles made of bamboo.

The creation is due to the creative director #AlessandroMichele who once again managed to hit the Gucci addicts with his modern approach compared to the evergreen archives. It is also Lady D herself who honors her, as seen in the cover image. After the official divorce from #Prince Charles and the definitive break with the Windsors, the sad-eyed princess begins to change her style, a sign of a reversal of direction compared to the past which was more inclined to her personality. From the very short haircut to the cycling shorts, Lady D moves away from the formal approach of her previous look to start a real style revolution.

From an awkward lady who at the beginning dares to wear necklines not foreseen by the protocols, this icon, halfway between philanthropist and model, flourishes again and becomes sexy and chic . In an initial phase she consulted the editors of British #Vogue who directed her towards some designers, including Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield, Victor Edelstein and Jasper Conran. Afterwards, the declaration of love for #Versace . Diana's style captures the public not only for the casual way in which she wears high fashion, that would be too reductive. But for his personality that shines wherever he goes. It is a well-known story that she is liked by children and people suffering from AIDS who can't wait to meet her. Her dresses tell the story of the transformation of a shy princess trapped in a fairy tale, unfortunately without a happy ending.

But what makes #Gucci 's new royal bag special? The detachable fluorescent leather straps. Alessandro Michele reinterprets – with shades such as yellow, pink, orange – the straps designed to keep the 2 handles firm and erect. The bag will be on sale from today 7 July and is available in multiple colors and sizes. Mini, small and medium available in the colors of black, white, tan, emerald green, red, light blue and pink, they will end up in the outfits of many stars who will compete to show it off in front of the photographer's shots.

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