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Article: Gift ideas for all occasions: Smart&Slim Cardian wallet

Idee regalo per tutte le occasioni: Portafoglio Smart&Slim Cardian
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Gift ideas for all occasions: Smart&Slim Cardian wallet

We know it well, when there are special occasions we always get into a crisis about what to give. Luckily we have the perfect solution for you. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or something else, it doesn't matter. The Smart&Slim wallet by Cardian is the perfect gift idea, original and functional.

Let's see its characteristics together and why it is the perfect gift for all occasions.

Smart&Slim Cardian wallet

Elegance and minimalism

Smart&slim wallet in tumbled cowhide, with a simple and essential design. The front flap closure makes the wallet safe and elegant, thanks also to the embossed logo, for a minimal design. Tumbled leather is the type of leather that is most resistant to wear and scratches, but which is soft to the touch, while the metal of the card holder allows you to keep the cards securely inside.


Equipped with RFID technology inside, the Cardian smart&slim wallet is safe from any attempt at fraud or cloning of contactless cards which makes it completely shielded and isolated. Furthermore, its design with the automatic card extraction lever does not allow the cards to accidentally come out and therefore greater safety against theft.

The perfect Gift Idea

Never predictable and never banal, for an original and functional gift. Sold with a cardboard box, imprinted with the Cardian logo, the smart wallet is ideal as a gift on any occasion: birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, anniversary etc...

Minimum space, maximum capacity

Measuring 11x7x1.5 cm, it contains a space for banknotes, 6 snap pockets for cards and two patch pockets, one internal and one external. Compact, functional, not bulky, you will finally be able to carry the essentials you need with you, abandoning bulky wallets.

You can find it available in store and on the website at the super affordable price of €30. Always choose quality for your purchases, choose Alley33 Stockhouse.

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