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Article: Stockhouse and outlet: the differences

Stockhouse e outlet: le differenze

Stockhouse and outlet: the differences

We often find ourselves faced with a big doubt: what is the difference between a stockhouse and an outlet . Let's clarify things a little.

Both are shops that sell products belonging to previous collections compared to the current one and both sell them at discounted prices starting from 40%. But what is the substantial difference between the two?

The stockhouse is a multi-brand shop that purchases products from the recently concluded collection from other multi-brand shops at the end of the season. Once the garments are purchased at the end of the current season, he resells them the following season at half the price. By selling items from the previous season , it allows him to adopt high discounts, and therefore be very competitive in the market.

The outlet store , on the other hand, sells products from the previous season at discounted prices but not from different brands, rather from a single brand , referring not to other stores, but to the manufacturer of the brand sold.

These are not aggressive policies aimed at clothing store owners, since they do not sell products from the current collection, but rather those from the previous collection. For this reason we cannot speak of unfair competition . At the same time, however, this explains the high discounts we can adopt.

Furthermore, the winning formula of Alley33 is to make a personal selection of the products to be purchased from clothing stores in the end-of-season stock which will then be resold in the following season, choosing those that are considered most suitable for sale and in line with the fashion of the period. Buying from Alley33 Stockhouse is extremely convenient because you can take home items from the best brands at a 50% discount . You can find many models of Hogan sneakers, from Hogan Interactive to Hogan Hyperactive. A vast assortment of Liu Jo garments and more: also many Liu Jo bags always at 50% off. Premiata sneakers, clothing and accessories Patrizia Pepe, Elisabetta Franchi and Barbour . Many different brands to try to satisfy the tastes of all our loyal customers.

Come and visit us in the shop, Alley33 Stockhouse is located in Civita Castellana, in the province of Viterbo, in Via Nepesina, 1. There is internal parking so you can leave your car and an expert staff ready to advise you. Or visit our website and purchase in just a few clicks and in complete safety. Remember to also follow us on social media: you can find us on both Instagram and Facebook

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