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Article: Milan Fashion Week 2021: fashion is back in style

Milano Fashion Week 2021: è tornata la moda in grande stile

Milan Fashion Week 2021: fashion is back in style

After the exclusively digital edition of 2020 due to the pandemic, Milan Fashion Week will make the Milanese capital shine until September 27th

If we say Milan Fashion Week, you say? #Fashion (Flashion also applies), glamour, style and a whole series of words that orbit around the glittering universe of #catwalks . But this year fashion week also rhymes with tourism, given that it represents a strong boost to the hotel sector. In fact, he rejoices #Federalberghi on reservations, so much so Maurizio Naro, president of the Milan association, told Agi of a city waiting for around 10 thousand people and which was already starting to awaken from the pandemic torpor at the beginning of September with the Salon dedicated to design. We are certainly far from 2019, when the figures recorded 20 thousand people. The absence of the Asian market weighs heavily, but in any case little by little we are moving towards an increasingly confident return to normality.

There #Fashion Week It belongs to the "Big Four", i.e. the 4 events considered most important as they are held in the luxury clothing capitals. The program begins with New York , continues with London , then Milan and Paris. The pit stop made in Italy provides space for the long-awaited fashion shows of Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Versace and Prada. Meanwhile, the inauguration featured the Benetton super party and that of Valentina Ferragni . Among the most invoked: the return of Boss and # RobertoCavalli which pays homage to his creative return with the first collection of the new director Fausto Puglisi and the presentation of the Cavalli Tower, a 70-storey skyscraper in Dubai.

The last fashion shows of 2020, those of Armani, Biagiotti and Moncler, were held behind closed doors. After that, we know what happened up until today. It's time, therefore, once again for Milan to drive the textile sector that has reached its peak +24% in the first half of the year of 2021. The 2022 spring-summer collections are taking place on the catwalk and in the 200 showrooms of the Milanese capital in recent days.

The sector, therefore, begins to travel quickly again to innovate production processes from a social and environmental sustainability point of view. What we are looking for is a new balance between digital and real and the possibility of rediscovering the pleasure of lightness. Although, taking a look behind the scenes, everything has started again as frenetically as before and fashion seems to have forgotten its old promises. When he returns to his presence he contravenes Antonio Marras who chooses to narrate the new collection and its Sardinia with an evocative and dramatic video, identified as the "catwalk" of the interactive show and which has been damaged in recent months by the fires seen on TV, alas, for the whole summer.

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