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Article: London: clothes inspired by Queen in a new temporary store

Londra: abiti che s’ispirano ai Queen in un nuovo temporary store

London: clothes inspired by Queen in a new temporary store

In London, in the iconic Carnaby Street which has always dictated the law when it comes to style, a temporary store dedicated to Queen has opened

In the #London cosmopolitan – and which can be considered a point of reference for styles and trends – has opened “Queen – The Greatest” , the new one temporary store inspired by the band par excellence. The sales point will be active until January 22nd and it is not difficult to imagine the assault, especially during the Christmas period, when the inhabitants of City and tourists will flock in Carnaby Street for gift hunting. But don't despair , the store plans to also activate online sales as reported by The New Daily.

The style of #Queen , and especially that of frontman # FreddieMercury , influences millions of fans, but also stars. Think about it Lady Gaga which owes its name to the song “Radio Ga Ga” of the overseas group. Before becoming Freddie Mercury, Farrokh Bulsara bought clothes by Biba, an Indian brand. In the sixties he flaunts looks quite sober, with long hair, tight t-shirts and bell-bottoms and a total white not random, because it is an emblem of purity and truth according to the principles of the Zoroastrian religion. His outfits they are also influenced by his training. In 1969 he graduated from Earling College of Art in graphics and design and in those years he himself created a stall at Kensington market.

In the Seventies, however, it presented itself in a more stylish way thanks to the hands of the stylist Zandra Rhodes who forges his style fluctuating between men's and women's #fashion. For him, in that period, every concert became a fashion show and a real theatrical show. Still long hair, makeup and nail polish (there is, therefore, someone who preceded Fedez). Between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties he began wearing accessories #skin and its taste continues to change. In fact, he cuts his hair and grows a mustache. Wear white and mix it with bright colors. The rest has become legend.

Now, that immortal aura can be breathed in the new store where you can find vinyl in industrial quantities and various memorabilia. The shop was born in collaboration with the group celebrating its 50th anniversary and which continued to perform even after Freddie's passing.

<<I think it's a great opportunity for a Queen fan to come here and immerse themselves in the world of Queen, knowing that they can come here and talk to people like them about how much they love the band, how much it means to them and even buy some items for continue to remember them>>, declares Keith Taperell , one of the founders of the commercial project. Queen are still recognized and copied throughout the universe today, thanks to the identification with Freddie Mercury who has always stood out for his unalterable image.

Source: [Askanews news agency]

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