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Article: Gucci turns 1 century and celebrates with the opening of a club

Gucci compie 1 secolo e festeggia con l’apertura di un circolo

Gucci turns 1 century and celebrates with the opening of a club

Gucci celebrates 100 years with projects in new online and in-person spaces

#Gucci has now accustomed us to his textile art which transcends fabrics and flows into real artistic manifestations. For its 100th anniversary the brand, an icon of made in Italy born in #Florence in 1921 and now under the aegis of the creative inspiration of Alessandro Michele, he launched 2 new projects: Vault , an online platform where the fashion house will experiment with new collaborations; Gucci Circolo Milano , a space halfway between a tea room and an artists' club.

The Gucci Circolo was born inside the eighteenth-century Gallarati Scotti palace, already location of the literary circle of Duke Tommaso Gallarati Scotti. Over time the structure has hosted various scholars, writers and musicians and now presents itself to the public as an artists' home where history, creativity and aesthetics can be blended. The route is outlined through a succession of experiential and exhibition rooms in which the glue is the collection Aria , created by Alessandro Michele in April 2021. One of the rooms, the listening house , pays homage to Gucci's connection with music. Here you can listen to songs by singers who are friends of the maison: from Elton John to Achille Lauro, from Harry Styles to Florence Welch. In addition, you will be able to download one play list in honor of the twentieth century, take a photo inside a photo booth which re-proposes i patterns from the Gucci 100 collection and play video games Gucci Arcade . And if the call of the catwalks is too strong, a room in the Club will give you this opportunity with attached neon lights and cameras. The visit ends in a relaxation room, where you can sit while sipping a cup of tea.

Vault , on the other hand, was born from the visionary mind of creative director Alessandro Michele. It is an infinite container of ideas, as well as an e-commerce. Gucci Vault is divided into sections and the part dedicated to shopping includes 2: an ever-updating selection of vintage and second-hand Gucci pieces - in some cases simply brought back into fashion, in others reworked by savoir faire of the style office – and an area named after Conversations dedicated to young designers from all over the world. Then there is Editions which collects texts, poems, stories and stories to entertain and excite by encouraging cultural contamination.

This is Gucci's strength: that of having always been able to choose the right director at the right time. There was in the nineties #TomFord to grow the brand; in the new millennium #FridaGiannini with its social twist. Today is that escape from reality that we have not been able to protect and in which we are forced to always be in search of that beauty that could still save us.

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