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Article: Fashion: all over Italy the ateliers become a museum this weekend

Moda: in tutta Italia gli atelier diventano un museo questo weekend

Fashion: all over Italy the ateliers become a museum this weekend

The event that will feature ateliers this weekend throughout Italy is called “ApritiModa”.

" Apritimoda ", the event dedicated to #fashion places, has reached its fifth edition and this weekend will see the doors of 86 #ateliers thrown open across the country. The locations of taste and style will show the behind the scenes of their work: in #Naples, for example, you can visit the Omega Guantificio which churns out the creations of the Fifth Avenue windows in New York; in Lorsica , in the province of Genoa , you can visit Tessitura de Martini which has built and patented a unique loom in the world capable of reproducing the same yarns that were woven by hand a long time ago; in # Florence , you can admire the warping machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the Antico Setificio Fiorentino.

They could not miss - it goes without saying - # GiorgioArmani who will open Palazzo Orsini, in the center of # Milan , and # DolceeGabbana with their Tuscan factory. This year there will also be ethical and sustainable fashion experiences, such as in # Turin where it will be possible to admire the Sartoria Sociale Gelso and the products created by the inmates of the Lorusso and Cotugno prison or in Marghera (VE) in the Malefatte laboratory with the bags created from waste PVC advertising posters.

In Rome you can access the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum . A stone's throw from Villa Borghese and Porta Pia is this villa designed in 1901 by the engineer Giovanni Battista Giovenale, a mix between Art Nouveau and "Roman Baroque" style of the early twentieth century. Inside, the Museum for Decorative Arts, Costume and Fashion shows the public original furnishings, armchairs, chairs, vases, clothes and fashion accessories. Worthy of note are the Tapestry Gallery, the Living Room and the View Room. A section is being set up with objects ranging from the 18th century to the 20th century and focused on the decorative arts and Italian fashion, in which evening dresses from the sector's great designers dating back to a period ranging from the Second World War to the 1900s stand out. nineties of the twentieth century. In the collection, dresses by Angelo Litrico, Fausto Sarli, Andrè Laug, Fernanda Gattinoni, Merella Ferrera, Valentino, Renato Balestra, Roberto Capucci, Raffaerlla Curiel. In 1996, the wardrobe belonging to Palma Bucarelli (1910-1998), the director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome from 1941 to 1975, was added to this priceless heritage. And also clothes from the Sartoria Paradisi in Rome and the deposits of important collectors , like that of the fashion journalist Maria Vittoria Caruso Alfonsi.

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